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GC Healthcare is a leading supplier of Purification Stations which, using our UVC light, remove 99.9% of viruses and bacteria in 5 minutes and effectively disinfect mobile devices, keyboards, alarms, keys, access cards, earbuds, knives, tools, pens, remote controls, books, manuals, utensils and other types of objects that frequently change hands.

GC Healthcare works to help the Danish state, municipalities and the business community break chains of infection and curb the spread of infection among citizens, employees, customers and partners at institutions, organisations and companies across the country.

GC Healthcare is responsible for the technological development of Purification Stations, as well as offering consulting services, knowledge sharing and professional discussions regarding breaking infection chains and the spread of infections. We also provide training and guidance regarding use of the Purification Stations.

​​For more information about GC Healthcare, please contact us via phone on +45 76 70 80 80 or via sales@gchc.dk


Through our technological solutions and collaborations, it is GC Healthcare’s vision to ensure that every employee working for any company or organisation can always feel safe, secure and not at risk of being infected at work, where our Purification Stations are available and accessible.