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  • Width: 670 mm / Depth: 555 mm / Height 1140 mm

  • Capacity 30 tablets and smartphones



Cold-rolled steel cabinet with extra-resistant powder coating. Display with time indication, UV button function and other configuration functions. Cabinet doors with safety function, lockable handles and UVC-resistant plexiglass. Cabinet sides and back are equipped with efficient ventilation. The back also has an entry point for chargers and allows for storage of chargers and power supply. Detachable room dividers with room for cabling, as well as a pull-out drawer with handles and a plate that ensures that the products do not touch the UVC lamps. The Purification Station can be installed with detachable wheels.

Our UVC lamps are 17 W with a documented lethal effect of 99.67% in 160 seconds when used against the new coronavirus (COVID-19). As an extra safety measure, the lamps are equipped with separate power supplies.

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